Supporting solicitors with underground service expertise

As largely hidden assets, drainage and water supply systems for both residential and commercial properties can raise significant challenges for solicitors and their clients.

Given the value of property and the potential financial, regulatory, and reputational risks associated with providing legal services, it makes sense to seek the best technical advice about these assets.

Catalyst Services UK provides a range of services for solicitors to support their work, for example conveyancing and resolution of disputes involving asset installation and maintenance.


Technical drainage consultancy for solicitors

Catalyst services support the interests of solicitors when addressing technical issues relating to drainage and water supply systems, for example during the buying and selling of commercial and residential property.

These include:

  • Technical consultancy on the application of general binding rules for discharge of wastewater into the ground or water courses.
  • Expert advice of negligence claims relating to drainage and water supply systems.
  • Water and drainage searches.
  • Specialist subsidence investigations.
  • Home buyer surveys.

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General binding rules consultancy

Catalyst advises solicitors on adherence to regulations called general bind rules for sewage discharges from septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

The regulations were approved in 2015 but came into force on January 1st 2020 to tighten regulation of off-line wastewater systems, primarily to protect both groundwater and water courses from sewage pollution.

They determine what kind of wastewater storage and treatment system is permitted in any given location, how and when these systems need to be upgraded, and how they need to be maintained to protect the environment.

Catalyst experts can advise solicitors on the application of the general binding rules on behalf of their clients. We can carry out specialist investigations to determine actions required, for example during the buying and selling of property, to meet regulatory requirements.

Septic tank negligence claims

Disputes about the interpretation of general binding rules can lead to solicitors facing legal claims relating to off-line wastewater systems, especially with regard to conveyancing of property.

This is because the regulations require the seller and buyer of a property with a septic tank, or similar asset, to consider the need to upgrade the water treatment system during the conveyancing process.

The general binding rules specifically state: ‘You should agree with the buyer or seller who will be responsible for replacing or upgrading the treatment system. You should agree this as a condition of sale.’

Some specialist law firms are offering their services to sue solicitors where property sellers or buyers consider this process has not been managed properly, resulting in one or the other incurring additional costs or even facing prosecution for environmental pollution.

Catalyst can reduce the risk associated with such claims:
  • By providing specialist advice and services,
    including septic tank surveys before or during the conveyancing process to ensure general binding rules regulations are adhered to.
  • Or by providing expert technical advice
    if legal action is taken so solicitors can prepare the most robust defence against any accusations made.

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Catalyst solicitors services portfolio

Catalyst’s specialist engineers and technicians can deliver investigation, maintenance, repair and replacement services anywhere in the UK, with all work project managed in-house.

This ensures our solicitor clients receive an optimum service, with no corners cut, delivered to the highest standard and supported by the very latest digital reporting systems.

Water and drainage searches

Catalyst will organise fast and effective water supply and drainage system searches in support of any residential and commercial conveyancing deal, so all drains, sewers, and water supply pipes and traced and located and, where necessary, their condition is recorded.


CCTV drainage surveys

Catalyst’s teams will use the latest CCTV drainage survey techniques and equipment to locate and map all gullies and sewers associated with a property, providing solicitors with detailed reports about their structure, capacity and condition.

CCTV Inspection cameras

Septic tank surveys

We can carry out septic tank and sewage treatment plant surveys, including mapping of associated drainage fields, to establish their condition and suitability, for example in relation to general binding rules, as previously discussed.


Subsidence investigations

Catalyst has significant experience and expertise in carrying out subsidence investigations, both to establish the cause of damage that may have already occurred or assess the risk of damage occurring in the future.

Site Investigations And Surveys

Sewer adoption advice

Our engineers will provide solicitors working for property developers with advice, technical reports, associated asset surveys, and repair services to fix defective drains relating to the adoption of sewers into the public sewer system, under the terms of Section 104 agreements.

catalyst services uk - Drains

RICS Home condition and RICS Homebuyer reports

Catalyst can prepare these property condition reports, establishing the condition of property being sold or bought, including defects, repairs required or ongoing maintenance issues which may affect its value.

RICS Condiiton Report

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