Catalyst’s Paul Duddle to host Subsidence Forum training webinar

Paul Duddle, Senior Technical and Networks Manager at Catalyst Services UK, is hosting a training webinar on behalf of the Subsidence Forum on Friday 8th October, 2021.

Paul will be presenting a training video identifying the importance of carrying out CCTV surveys to as part of investigations to identify subsidence risks and prepare preventative and remedial works.

The Subsidence Forum is a national organisation created to facilitate the sharing of technical information and expertise about the insured subsidence risks.

Technical expertise

Its training days are popular annual events which have been held as three online webinars on separate dates in 2020 and this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their aim is to share technical insight and expertise with anyone who has an interest in subsidence, including structural engineers, insurance professionals, construction and repair contractors, authorities, and property owners.

Catalyst is a member of the Subsidence Forum, and Paul sits on its executive committee. He has led the development of a professionally-produced training video created especially for the webinar.

Training video

Paul said: “It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to support the Subsidence Forum’s training programme. The main message we want to get across is that, when investigating a subsidence claim and where a trial hole or borehole has indicated a drain or sewer could have influenced the ground, a CCTV survey should be carried out.

“These surveys are different to a normal drainage CCTV survey, where teams are looking for serviceability issues. That’s because the main issue being looked for is leakage from the system which is not always a visual fault and sometimes not even underground.

“This means drainage teams attending to investigate must have some knowledge of subsidence and understand what the issue is so they can investigate accurately the area of concern.

“I hope our video, and the question and answer session afterwards, will give my subsidence colleagues some useful insights. It will also be an opportunity for us all to share our experiences and learning about subsidence investigations. I’m looking forward to taking part.”

Subsidence Video

Subsidence risks

In the training video, Paul takes viewers through the process of carrying out a CCTV drain survey for the purpose of conducting a subsidence investigation, at a semi-detached private property.

It uses a series of detailed graphics to demonstrate problems with drainage systems often associated with increased subsidence risks, as well as oversights when carrying out surveys that mean the causes of subsidence can go undetected.

Paul has more than 25 years’ technical experience in carrying out drainage, water mains and subsidence investigations, as a director-level engineering lead, technical consultant and trainer.

He is responsible for maintaining and developing Catalyst’s high degree of technical competence in delivering a wide range of coordinated services covering drainage, water mains, culvert management, subsidence, and environmental services.


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